WakeUp # 01: The 10 golden nuggets to be oneself

How to be oneself ?
« Be yourself, everyone else is already taken » – Oscar Wilde

Easy to say maybe but is it so easy to do? Indeed, self-knowledge remains an exciting but difficult pursuit of existence. Nothing beats the day when we finally reveal ourselves, feel ourselves and above all love who we are.

Here are my 10 golden nuggets to finally be yourself

Nugget # 1: Accept not to be perfect
Perfection does not exist in this world. According to this principle, you will be freed from the pressure that you put by yourself. Nobody expects as much from you.

Nugget # 2: Forget the look of others
Obviously, we can not please everyone. Do not try to match the likes of a person or group for the purpose of being loved or accepted by them.

What would you do next with others? Would you change your mind again ?

Nugget n ° 3: Dare … do not be afraid!
Ask yourself the question with sincerity: what do you risk being yourself ? Shocking someone ? If they do not know how to appreciate who you really are, they are not worth it.

Nugget n ° 4: Be your best friend
Stop judging yourself and criticize constantly. Praise yourself when you have done something good, celebrate your success and laugh at your mistakes. You will spend all your life with yourself, so make sure you get along !

Nugget n ° 5: Affirm your ideas
It is important to be able to express yourself freely. Perhaps you could start gradually with your family members, a group of girlfriends, and when you feel ready and safer, experiment with it at a work meeting.

Nugget n ° 6: Cultivate your individuality
Do not do like everyone else, stand out ! What’s more tiresome than these people who have the same ideas, the same look, the same tastes ?

Do you love rock’n’roll 60’s while your friends love techno? Good ! Long live difference !

Nugget n ° 7: Find your way of expression
Artistic, sports or other … sign up for a class or choose an activity that will please you and that will allow you to highlight your personal talents such as theater, writing, singing, drawing, sculpture, art, cooking …. and creativity.

Nugget n ° 8: Learn from others
We are all connected to each other constantly. Successful people never do it alone. We are always part of a team (family, work, friends, various networks ..). Observe the people who inspire you with their talent. Go to others, listen to them and accept them as they are. You will enrich yourself and develop your own personality.

Nugget n ° 9: Take the time to take stock
Sometimes it is necessary to take a break and take some time to look a little at the progress we made, then see our progress and analyze in hindsight the choices you have made. You will be able to get to know yourself better and to know what you want in life. Become aware of what is right for you or what does not suit you.

Nugget # 10: Remember that we only have one life !
It would be a shame to spend your life in the shoes of someone’s else, right ? Enjoy it, express yourself and, above all, have fun! Fully assume who you are … You deserve it !

We have two lives, and the second begins the day when we realize that we only have one – Confucius.

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